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8/25/2010 - The new short story is now puplished. It's titled 'Perpetual Casino'.

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The eBook is a humorous SciFi yarn involving Earthling humans, faster than light (FTL) travel, and events on 2 planets. There's also a turkey baster, a mermaid, and jumping fish. Many oddball characters have a series of adventures as children and young adults. Xanth meets Discworld. All FTL travel incurs time warp. Time warp is the pimple on the ass of FTL travel.

Perpetual Twilight is a planet 4 light years from Earth. The planet doesn't rotate. The sunny side of the planet is a dessert. The dark side of the planet is covered with dense ice and snow. Between the dessert and the ice pack, a 500 mile swath of habitable area rings the planet. When viewed from anywhere in the habital area, the sun sits low in the sky. The sun position is reminiscent of twilight on Earth. Since the sun position never changes, the planet's habitable area seemingly has perpetual twilight.

If I could adequately describe the fun you will have reading Perpetual Twilight, surely you'd say 'I gotta get me some of that'.

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Perpetual Twilight - Smashwords version

Perpetual Twilight - Amazon version

Fertile females beware! The turkey baster (that never fails to unduce pregnany) is back in an all-new short story titled 'Perpetual Revenge'. This action packed eBook short is a sequel to 'Perpetual Twilight'. Gretchen is kidnapped. Daughter Flo, cousin Arleen, and neighbors Jane & Sheila are off to the rescue. Todd helps until he's distracted at the location of Troy's downfall. The turkey baster helps in its own special way. 'Perpetual Revenge' is now available on Smashwords.

Perpetual Revenge - sequel to Perpetual Twilight

The characters Brian and Ray are used with permission of A. S. Warwick. 'Perpetual Ray' is a sequel to my 2 'Perpetual' eBooks and Warwick's 2 'Ray' eBooks. Brian and Ray visit a planet named 'Perpetual Twilight'. Flo and Natasha are kidnapped at a speakeasy named 'Tropical Vacation'. Brian and Ray decide to be heroes.

Perpetual Ray - sequel to Perpetual Revenge

Todd, Flo, Jade, Lucy, Randy, and others return in this new eBook short. Flo is swimming in the hotel pool when her room explodes. The bomber soon has River City in an uproar. The returning characters are joined by Fred, Dooley, and a pair of Manolo high heel pumps.

Perpetual Casino - sequel to Perpetual Ray

On May 26, 2009, Eugene Robinson (Washington Post) wrote, "In Obama World, it's always morning. In Cheney World, it's perpetual twilight." Odd trivia from somebody especially interested in the search results for 'perpetual twilight'.

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